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Each election cycle, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon grants endorsements to candidates that meet the following criteria:

Statewide Races

Governor: Kate Brown

Oregon State Senate

Senate District 4: Floyd Prozanski

Senate District 6: Lee Beyer

Senate District 7: James I. Manning Jr.

Senate District 10: Deb Patterson

Senate District 8: Sara Gelser

Senate District 11: Peter Courtney

Senate District 15: Chuck Riley

Senate District 17: Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Senate District 19: Rob Wagner

Senate District 20: Charles Gallia

Senate District 24: Shemia Fagan

Senate District 26: Chrissy Reitz

Oregon State House

House District 5: Pam Marsh

House District 6: Michelle Blum Atkinson

House District 8: Paul Holvey

House District 9: Caddy McKeown

House District 10: David Gomberg

House District 11: Marty Wilde

House District 13: Nancy Nathanson

House District 14: Julie Fahey

House District 15: Jerred Taylor

House District 16: Dan Rayfield

House District 17: Renee Windsor-White

House District 18: Barry Shapiro

House District 19: Mike Ellison

House District 20: Paul Evans

House District 21: Brian Clem

House District 22: Teresa Alonso Leon

House District 23: Danny Jaffer

House District 25: Dave McCall

House District 26: Courtney Neron

House District 27: Sheri Malstrom

House District 28: Jeff Barker

House District 29: Susan McLain

House District 30: Janeen Sollman

House District 32: Tiffiny Mitchell

House District 33: Mitch Greenlick

House District 34: Ken Helm

House District 35: Margaret Doherty

House District 36: Jennifer Williamson

House District 37: Rachel Prusak

House District 38: Andrea Salinas

House District 40: Mark Meek

House District 41: Karin Power

House District 42: Rob Nosse

House District 43: Tawna Sanchez

House District 44: Tina Kotek

House District 45: Barbara Smith Warner

House District 46: Alissa Keny-Guyer

House District 47: Diego Hernandez

House District 48: Jeff Reardon

House District 49: Chris Gorsek

House District 50: Carla Piluso

House District 51: Janelle Bynum

House District 52: Anna Williams

House District 53: Eileen Kiley

Statewide Ballot Measures

Ballot Measure 102: YES

Ballot Measure 103: NO

Ballot Measure 104: NO

Ballot Measure 105: NO

Ballot Measure 106: NO

Regional Ballot Measures

Metro Ballot Measure 26-199: YES

Federal Races

(as an affiliate of the national Planned Parenthood Action Fund)

U.S. Congress, District 1: Suzanne Bonamici

U.S. Congress, District 2: Jamie McLeod-Skinner

U.S. Congress, District 3: Earl Blumenauer

U.S. Congress, District 4: Peter DeFazio

U.S. Congress, District 5: Kurt Schrader

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Use It or Lose It!

Did you know that you can make a donation to Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon…at no cost to you?

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Latest Campaigns
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Personal stories are critical when advocating to maintain or even expand access to the vital health services that Planned Parenthood provides. By sharing your story, you can play a significant role in the work we do.

There are many levels of comfort when sharing a personal story. Please share what you are willing, and indicate your permission levels where applicable. Please note: Your story — including your name if you provide it — may appear in public advocacy projects such as Planned Parenthood websites, brochures or other printed material. Even if you do not provide your name, keep in mind that some ...

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