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May 21, 2018Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon Welcomes New Executive Director
May 18, 2018Trump-Pence Administration Expected to Introduce Rule That Gags Providers
May 16, 2018Women's Rights Advocates Call Out Knute Buehler's Record
April 9, 2018U.S. Senator Ron Wyden Named 2018 "Pro-Choice Champion"
March 26, 2018Tix on Sale for 2018 Courageous Voice Breakfast with Sonya Renee Taylor!
February 1, 2018Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Urges Voters to Learn the Truth About Knute Buehler
January 19, 2018Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon Marks the 45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
January 5, 2018Buy Tix for PPAO Valentine's Benefits!
November 29, 2017Reproductive Health Equity Act: Frequently Asked Questions
November 6, 2017Use It or Lose It!
November 2, 2017Vote YES on Measure 101
October 25, 2017Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Endorses Governor Kate Brown
October 24, 201710 Outrageous Attacks on Oregon Women in 2017
October 6, 2017Trump Administration Takes Direct Aim at Birth Control Coverage for 360,000 Oregon Women
August 31, 2017Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon Leader Announces Retirement
August 28, 2017My Health, My Story: A Planned Parenthood Speakout!
August 15, 2017Governor Kate Brown Signs Reproductive Health Equity Act
August 1, 2017PPAO, NARAL Executive Directors File Complaint Against Oregon Family Council for Referendum 301 Elections Law Violations
July 25, 2017Senate Moves to Imperil Health Care for Millions
July 18, 2017Ana Stands with Planned Parenthood
July 5, 2017Oregon Senate Passes Reproductive Health Equity Act
July 1, 2017Oregon House Passes Reproductive Health Equity Act
June 16, 2017Planned Parenthood Supporters Will 'Pink the Night Out' in Opposition to Trumpcare
June 5, 2017Did You Know That Oregon Law Guarantees a Full Year of Birth Control?
June 1, 2017Trump Administration Moves to Roll Back Access to Birth Control
May 30, 2017Celebrating 10 Years of Contraceptive Equity in Oregon
May 19, 2017Save the Date for "My Health, My Story: A Planned Parenthood Speakout"!
May 4, 2017Planned Parenthood Slams Congressman Walden for the Most Damaging Women's Health Legislation Ever
April 24, 20172017 Pro-Choice Champions Will Be Honored May 17th at Courageous Voice Breakfast
April 14, 2017House Healthcare Committee Passes Reproductive Health Equity Act
April 10, 2017Tix on Sale for 2017 Courageous Voice Breakfast with Staceyann Chin!
April 7, 2017Senate Majority Upends Rules to Force Confirmation of Extreme Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch
March 31, 2017Led By Mike Pence, Male Politicians Vote to Claw Back Critical Healthcare Protections for 4 Million Title X Patients
March 15, 2017Reproductive Health Equity Act Moves Forward in Oregon Legislature
March 7, 2017Oregon Planned Parenthood Supporters Are Fighting Back
February 14, 2017Congress Votes to Take Away Protections for 4 Million People Who Rely on Title X
February 1, 2017PPAO Statement on Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch: Opposition to Roe v. Wade is a Disqualifier
January 23, 2017Buy Tix for PPAO Valentine's Benefits!
January 18, 2017Diverse Coalition Demands Reproductive Health Equity in Oregon
December 12, 2016Use It or Lose It!
November 29, 2016Health Secretary Nominee Would Take Away Thousands of Oregonians' Access to Health Care
October 17, 201610 Outrageous Attacks on Oregon Women in 2016
August 16, 2016Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon Endorses Ballot Measure 97
August 1, 2016‘I Refuse to Remain Silent’
July 27, 2016‘The fight for feminism and reproductive justice is real, and it is hard’
July 14, 2016'I Do Not Want Any More Women Treated This Way'
June 28, 2016PPAO and BRO Condemn Franklin Graham Rally in Salem
June 27, 2016Supreme Court Protects Abortion Access
May 9, 2016Oregon Again Strongly Supports Equal Access to Abortion
April 19, 2016Lane County Spring Celebration!
March 30, 2016Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici to Receive 2016 Champion Award
March 14, 2016Tickets on Sale for 2016 Courageous Voice Breakfast with Kathleen Turner!
January 8, 2016Bad Dates, Good Laughs
January 8, 2016PPAO Volunteer Fights for the Next Generation
January 7, 2016Congressman Greg Walden Votes to Cut Thousands Off from Reproductive Health Care
December 30, 201510 Outrageous Attacks on Oregon Women in 2015
December 15, 2015Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Endorses Kate Brown for Governor
November 9, 2015Use It or Lose It!
June 10, 2015Governor Kate Brown will Sign Landmark Birth Control Expansion
June 8, 2015Oregon Passes Landmark Bill to Protect Patient Privacy in Insurance Communications
June 2, 2015Oregon Will Be First State to Guarantee 12-month Birth Control Access
May 27, 2015Senate Committee Votes to Expand Birth Control Access, Protect Patient Privacy
May 7, 2015Save the Date for Uncorked: Wine, Women & Song!
April 30, 2015PPAO Praises House for Protecting Patient Privacy
April 30, 2015PPAO Praises House for Expanding Birth Control Access
April 27, 2015Empowering Films & Discussion About Reproductive Justice!
April 3, 2015Nearly 100 Women's Health Advocates on the Capitol Steps on Monday
February 25, 2015Secure Your Seat for 2015 Courageous Voice Breakfast with Wendy Davis!
February 18, 2015Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon Welcomes Governor Kate Brown
January 6, 2015Bad Dates, Good Laughs

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Latest News
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon Welcomes New Executive Director

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon (PPAO) announced today that Emily McLain will serve as its new Executive Director. She will make her first appearance at the 2018 Courageous Voice Breakfast on May 30th in Portland, and will officially join the staff on June 13th.

McLain previously served as PPAO’s Government Relations Consultant from 2014 to 2016. During her tenure, PPAO passed landmark legislation to expand access to birth control and to protect patient privacy.

“We are thrilled that Emily ...

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Trump-Pence Administration Expected to Introduce Rule That Gags Providers

Following reports that the Trump-Pence administration intends to introduce a gag rule today that would undermine the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care, Planned Parenthood issued the following statement.

This gag rule would do three things:

  1. It would impose new rules that are designed to make it impossible for patients to get birth control or preventive care from reproductive healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood.
  2. Under this rule doctors, nurses, hospitals and community health centers across ...
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Latest Campaigns
Share Your Story!

Personal stories are critical when advocating to maintain or even expand access to the vital health services that Planned Parenthood provides. By sharing your story, you can play a significant role in the work we do.

There are many levels of comfort when sharing a personal story. Please share what you are willing, and indicate your permission levels where applicable. Please note: Your story — including your name if you provide it — may appear in public advocacy projects such as Planned Parenthood websites, brochures or other printed material. Even if you do not provide your name, keep in mind that some ...

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