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#PetsForPlannedParenthood: Cast Your Ballot!

Election Day may be a year away, but now is the time to vote for our #2020PPMascot! More than 50 pets have been nominated for #PetsForPlannedParenthood, and they are ready to campaign for your support.

The recent election results in Virginia and Kentucky proved that the misleading, fear-mongering attacks on abortion have failed — and that voters overwhelmingly support the right for people to make their own healthcare decisions without politicians getting in the way. The national road map to protecting abortion access and reproductive health leads right through Oregon’s 2020 state and local elections, and we have to get ready now with so much on the line.

This contest is a fun way to raise critical funds for Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon so we can win at the ballot box in 2020. The candidate who raises the most money by the end of the year will be featured throughout the election season in campaign materials, on social media and in a limited-edition commemorative book that will go to the top 20 vote-getters. We can’t wait to announce the winner at the beginning of next year.

Annie’ta Hill

Vote for Annie’ta Hill here

Barley Novick

Vote for Barley Novick here


Vote for Barrow here

Benci Pawlowsi

Vote for Benci Pawlowsi here

Braveheart Campbell

Vote for Braveheart Campbell here

Carmen Chimama

Vote for Carmen Chimama here


Vote for Chariot here

Charlie Dog

Vote for Charlie Dog here

Charlie Kelly

Vote for Charlie Kelly here


Vote for Cleo here

Dee Dee

Vote for Dee Dee here

Delilah aka “La Résistance Féminine”

Vote for Delilah aka “La Résistance Féminine” here

E-licks-abeth Purren

Vote for E-licks-abeth Purren here

Elizabark Warruff & Kameowla Hairy

Vote for Elizabark Warruff & Kameowla Hairy here

Elizabeth War-hen

Vote for Elizabeth War-hen here

Ellie Pug Boot-edge-edge

Vote for Ellie Pug Boot-edge-edge here


Vote for Eloise here


Vote for Enrique here


Vote for FOMO Momo here

Giacomo “Baby Eyes” McGrath

Vote for Giacomo “Baby Eyes” McGrath here

Gus Hambone

Vote for Gus Hambone here

Harrison aka “Harry”

Vote for Harrison aka “Harry” here

Holly “The Diva”

Vote for Holly “The Diva” here


Vote for Ivy here

Jack aka “Dobby”

Vote for Jack aka “Dobby” here

Katarzyna Tyraxes Sacks

Vote for Katarzyna Tyraxes Sacks here

Kat-mala Harris

Vote for Kat-mala Harris here


Vote for Kyla here


Vote for Maggie here

Maggie aka Wonder Doggo

Vote for Maggie aka Wonder Doggo here

Master Ichabod Yang

Vote for Master Ichabod Yang here

Maya aka Poonieflonnahcheenah

Vote for Maya aka Poonieflonnahcheenah here


Vote for Miel here


Vote for Minuette here

Mittens aka Cuddle Monster

Vote for Mittens aka Cuddle Monster here

Mookie McMookerson

Vote for Mookie McMookerson here

No-mebeth Warren

Vote for No-mebeth Warren here


Vote for Noodles here

Notcho aka “Bunnies Sanders” and Poppy aka “Elizabeth Wabbit”

Vote for Notcho aka “Bunnies Sanders” and Poppy aka “Elizabeth Wabbit” here

Oreo “The Notorious ODP”

Vote for Oreo “The Notorious ODP” here

Othello “Bark O’bama”

Vote for Othello “Bark O’bama” here

Papillo “The Lothario”

Vote for Papillo “The Lothario” here


Vote for Pecos here

Petunia & Atticus

Vote for Petunia & Atticus here

Piper, Mikey & Mazie

Vote for Piper, Mikey & Mazie here

Podengo Tate

Vote for Podengo Tate here

Pumpkin Novick

Vote for Pumpkin Novick here


Vote for Roxy here


Vote for Ruthie here


Vote for Sally here

Santo aka “Thumper”

Vote for Santo aka “Thumper” here


Vote for Tula here

Wally aka “Pet-O”

Vote for Wally aka “Pet-O” here


Vote for Walnut here

Posted on November 12, 2019 in News.
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