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'I Do Not Want Any More Women Treated This Way'

'I Do Not Want Any More Women Treated This Way'

"I support Planned Parenthood because they make it their mission to advocate for women’s reproductive health care and emphasize compassionate, nonjudgmental care. As a young woman I have faced a lot of obstacles from my peers and even healthcare professionals on what was right for me and my body. When I was 16 and became sexually active, my mom took me to my physician to get a birth control prescription. Instead of being treated with compassion and care, I felt judged and like my doctor thought I was not old enough to be making these decisions about my body. I do not want any more women, despite their age, being treated in this way.

"We have the right to comprehensive and inclusive sex education, to make our own decisions about our bodies, to access affordable birth control and, more importantly, to access the method that is right for us. Our bodies do not answer to a one-size-fits-all birth control option. Our bodies are unique and react differently; therefore, we have the right to decide which method is best and not be penalized for our choice. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon fights for women, and that is why I am passionate about the work Planned Parenthood does advocating for comprehensive women’s health care."

A former Spring Advocacy Fellow for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Taylor Smith now serves as a Canvassing Coordinator for our Multnomah County Leadership & Advocacy Team.

Posted on July 14, 2016 in News.
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